Welcome to Gatling!

Join us and work with some of Europe's leading consulting firms

Gatling is a specialized business brokerage firm with high ambitions. We will be the best at what we do and are passionate about helping our customers find new business. We are constantly looking for new talents. As a business broker, you will work for several of Sweden's and Europe's leading consulting companies. We are investing a great deal in constantly developing our business broker's ability and knowledge while at the same time placing high demands on their own driving force and willingness to develop. As a Business Broker at Gatling you will get a chance to utilize your full potential through own responsibility

Your personality, level of ambition and drive are qualities we value before knowledge. We train all our brokers through internal and external training programs. The work is carried out from our office at the top of Nacka Forum on plan 19 and 20 overlooking Stockholm. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. There you get an insight into how it is to be a business broker. Welcome to submit your application!

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Andreas Johansson

Senior Affärsmäklare/Projektledare

Tobias Bergström

Senior Affärsmäklare/Projektledare

Max Christiernin

Senior Affärsmäklare/Projektledare

Lucas Möller

Senior Affärsmäklare/Projektledare

Andreas Pettersson

Operativ chef

Christian Björses