We add structure and ensure that it is followed

How and why it works

We have worked with several of Europe's leading consulting companies with complex services and products. Whether you are a large international company or a smaller niche company, it is basically the same process that creates new business. Working long-term and structured with each potential customer, where the goal is to present a solution to a problem that the customer wants to solve.

Most companies understand this and have an idea of how it should go but lacks time & resources.

Our customers use us as a complement to their own sales organization, where we both add a structure but also drive the process to capture future needs of potential customers. The result is that we hand over a jointly qualified business opportunity in the form of a sales meeting between the potential customer and our customer's consultants / sellers. The collaboration is evaluated on an ongoing basis according to a specific model with the aim of increasing your business outcome and delivering more and more accurate business opportunities

We make sure that the work is done - every day!

Step 1

Based on one of your offerings, we present a list of potential customers.
During a workshop with you, we go through your offer and what challenges and problems you can solve.

Step 2

We map all customers in the list. Which means that we identify relevant decision makers and then create a picture of how they relate to your offer.

Step 3

We find a match between your offer and the customer's problems and challenges. After we validate the business opportunity with you, a meeting is booked between the customer and your salespeople / consultants.

Example of assignments


We map and monitor companies in the Bank, insurance and credit markets. The assignment is about identifying needs within the "compliance area".

New laws, such as GDPR, often give us assignments from our clients in law, IT, project management and management.


Several of our assignments are about identifying customers who are looking for developers in different areas. Our customers are IT consulting companies with expertise in several different areas. The companies we contact are everything from smaller to large international companies.

The assignments we have delivered have been direct resource needs, but also projects where our customer has received assignments that included strategy, project management, analysis, development, implementation, management, operation and support.


On behalf of our customers, we have for several years been engaged in discussions with companies about their agenda regarding automation, RPA, Machine learning and in recent times the exciting area AI.

We have focused on specific processes, but have also focused on management level and discussed the area from a strategic perspective.


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